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9 Renault Deutz Landini Leyland Same Lamborghini Universal Ursus Valmet

Leyland, Landini, Same, Ursus, Universal, Deutz, JCB, Case, 50B, Hitachi, Renault

 Body Parts, Electrical Parts, Clutch Parts, Filters, Linkage. 
Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic Pumps, Clutches, Filters. 
Landini: Filters, Cab and Clutches.
Leyland: Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic Pumps, Clutches and Filters.
Same: Filters and Clutches.
Lamborghini: Clutches and Filters.
Universal: Clutches.
Ursus: Power Steering Parts.
Valmet: Clutches and Filters. 

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