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Vintage Catalogue

Engine Parts including Gaskets, Crankshaft Seals, Big Bearings, Pistons, Liners, Rings, Cylinder Head Parts, 20 Engine Parts, 35/135 Engine Parts, AD152 Engine Parts, 135 Timing Cover Assembly, AD152 Block Parts, Oil Pumps, Fuel Tank & Filters, Fuel System Parts, Throttle Parts, Exhausts, Weather Caps, Cooling Parts. Filters including Wet & Dry Assembly. Axle Parts including Track Rod Ends, 135 Steering Parts, 1/200 Steering Parts, 165/168 Steering Parts, Front Axle, Stub Axle Components, Wheel Rims. Cab Parts including Emblems & Badges, Stickers, Cab Covers, 20 Body Parts, 35 Body Parts, 65 Body Parts, Seats, Footsteps, 135 Bonnet & Grill. Electrical Parts including Head Lights, Lights, Bulbs, Clocks & Gauges and Wipers. Clutch Parts and PTO Parts.

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