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OREGON® PowerSharp®

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Can chainsaw chain ever be exciting? With patent pending technology, the revolutionary PowerSharp® chainsaw chain and sharpening system from OREGON® for petrol chainsaws is anything but dull.

Why sharpen? Chainsaw chain always becomes dull when cutting. It is only a question of when it will get so dull that it stops cutting. The more difficult and dirty the cutting conditions, the faster the chain will dull. An expert with experience, skills and tools still takes a relatively long time to properly sharpen a chain. For an inexperienced user, it can be a difficult, if not impossible, task to sharpen a chain. For many users, a dull chain means an inconvenient drive back to the saw shop. 

%u201CDiamonds are said to be a girl%u2019s best friend, and now they are also the chainsaw users%u2019 best friend,%u201D says Eric Moors, OREGON® European Technical Manager, referring to the diamond coated %u201Cdresser link%u201D integrated into the PowerSharp® saw chain that ensures a proper sharpening surface every time. After seeing the looks of surprise and appreciation on the faces of chainsaw users who have tested the new system, it is difficult to argue. %u201CIt%u2019s for people who prefer to cut wood, not waste a lot of time trying to sharpen chain, whether they are professionals or occasional users.%u201D

Modern chainsaw chain was invented by and introduced under the OREGON® brand in 1947, and OREGON® products have been evolving ever since. The company has developed many innovative features, such as Vibe-Ban® for example which reduced vibration in the saw attributed to saw chain, and another is the super-fast %u201CX%u201D chains.

Now over 60 years later comes a true revolution. At the heart of the OREGON® PowerSharp® system is a unique chainsaw chain sharpening system. The unique sharpener and sharpening stone, coupled with the diamond-coated dresser link and patent pending technology mentioned earlier, ensures that PowerSharp saw chain can be easily precision sharpened, in seconds, by experienced and inexperienced chainsaw users.

The PowerSharp® chain and bar is as easy to install on a chainsaw as a standard chain and bar. And the sharpener and sharpening stone are designed to easily fit on the bar and sharpen as part of the PowerSharp® system, on the job, in seconds. The PowerSharp® system is offered in configurations designed to fit the majority of petrol chainsaws under 45cc.


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